German manufacturer introduced an adapter device called VooMote One who can transform iPhone and iPod touch into a multi-function controller. Not only serves as a remote control for television, this device can also arrange other gadgets.
VooMote One for iPhone and iPod addition to work in almost all models of televisions, can also be run on a DVD player and stereo so users need not move to controlling on those gadgets. Just by touching a finger to the buttons on the phone, you can run a full control.
This accessories gadget works with the help of wireless technology and is capable of capturing more than 30,000 core infrared electronic products recorded. When the total, VooMote One is compatible with 574 TV brands, 995 brand Top Box /DVR, as well as the 151 brand and CD audio devices.
Another comfort that can be obtained by users of VooMote One for iPhone and iPod is because the accessories gadget features the Control Room, which allows you to group devices that you want to control based on location, for example living room, bedroom or kitchen.Then with the One Touch feature, you can store frequently used commands and set a number of command with just a click away.

You required first download the application VooMote One. This application isavailable for free at Apple App Store, and can be downloaded by iPhone / iPod touch with IOS 4.0 and above.