Mouse LG LSM-100 performed with a mouse in general. Relying on a laser sensor, LSM-100 not only can be used as a computer navigation tool, but may also be used as a scanner that is very practical thanks to the scanning technology embedded in this mouse.
LG LSM-100 may be used to scan an area on a flat, up to A3 paper size. To use it, you simply put the mouse where you want the scan, press the "SmartScan" is available on the left side of this body, then move the mouse where you want scanned and the scan will be directly stored on computers in various types file that can be selected such as PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PDF, XLS and DOC.
Performance as the scanner is also supported by LG Optical Character Recognition technology that enables you to scan an image in the form of text or a sentence and then after scanning the text or phrase can be edited through the program Microsoft Word.
Mouse LG LSM-100 will be shown again at the IFA 2011 event which will take place in Berlin in September 2011 and there has been no official news how much the price and when the LG LSM-100 will be available on the market. what a cool gadget folks..