Upon hearing that Google plans to acquire Motorola's worth of 12.5 billion U.S. dollars, the future of Android smartphone into discussion. In fact, Google is actually not just targeting a larger niche in the smartphone market. By taking over patents owned by Motorola through the acquisition, Google will build an ecosystem that is more interesting in Android.
Why interesting? In a conference call with investors and analysts that broadcast via the Internet, Google CEO Larry Page said, Motorola is the market leader of home gadgets. Google plans to use it to accelerate innovation. In a statement quoted by the official Google blog, Larry Page plainly states will foster innovation in this field.
"Motorola is the market leader in home and business solutions video gadgets. With the transition to Internet protocol, we are looking forward to working together with Motorola and the industry in general to support our partners and work with them to accelerate innovation in the field this, "said Larry Page.
View a bit behind, as the conference Google I/O in May 2011, Google introduced the concept of the development of home gadgets based on Android. In fact, had prepared the concept of "Android @ Home" Next its development tools, called Accessory Design Kit (ADK) for use in various gadgets so that the home appliance can be easily associated with the Android-based smartphones and tablets.
"We imagined all that is in the home is an accessory. Android become the operating system for your home," said Joe Britt, Engineering Director Google, as reported by CNN. Google not only ambition is to make Android as a platform for smartphones only, but also for all the digital equipment at home.
The entry of Motorola to Google would be to accelerate the realization of this dream. Plus Google's commitment to continue to make Android as open source, hardware manufacturers will of course take part in new business. If all the equipment can be connected to smartphones and tablet, this will also add to the experience of utilizing technology.
Keep in mind, Motorola is the owner of several patents in the set top box that allows Google to more quickly get into the business of digital television broadcasts. Motorola is also one of the major manufacturers of DSL modems that connect to the residential broadband Internet network. home phone gadgets is also one of Motorola's major production, including GPS navigation technology in devices standalone MOTONAV.