Sony Corp. (SNE), the largest Japanese electronics company plans to produce an updated digital book readers in the United States from August 2011 to compete with Amazon Kindle
Sony Reader, which had previously been about U.S. $ 180 $ 300 will be reviewed in hardware and software.
Phil Lubell, vice president of digital reading of Sony Electronics said in an interview in San Francisco.
New products from Sony, will be introduced to U.S. consumers tablet before Sony entered the market later this year.
Tokyo-based company plans to boost sales of the Sony Reader to reach the digital electronic book reader in mind the price is cheaper than the price of the tablet.
"Sony seems to struggle to expand its e-reader as fast as the original business plan for Sony," said Nobuo Kurahashi, an analyst at Mizuho Financial Group Inc. in Tokyo. Operation of digital books can be low due to the presence of a number of the new tablet later this year" he said." There was an overlap between the tablet and the mail reader" he added.
According to the Pew Research Center survey, the number of Americans with electronic devices like the Kindle, has doubled in the last six months until last May. They are college graduates and adults who have chosen to place the device into a Tablet PC.
Twelve percent of respondents had an e-reader in May 2011, up 6 percent compared to November 2010, while 8 percent have tablets in May 2011, 5 percent in the last six months.
IPad the cheapest price 67 percent more expensive than the Sony Reader is the highest price.
"Sony also plans to incorporate an online bookstore and e-book technology in both computer models of Sony the last tablet, S1 and S2, as part of a set of Sony multimedia applications," said Lubell.
Since late in the tablet market, Sony is risking myself using Google's Android operating system in order to compete in the segment of the computer industry is growing very fast.
Sony Electronics President Phil Molyneux told reporters in San Francisco, said the company plans to differentiate its products from its two main competitors are the devices using the Android platform, ie, Samsung Electronics Co., HTC Corp.. and Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc., by adding the ability to download games from PlayStation Suite, film and music subscription services.
Sony prices tablets, each candle 5. 5 inches and 9. 4 inches, the tablet will be higher than other products.
Sony expects the market for tablet computers worldwide annual sales reach 50 million to 60 million units this year, 70 million-80 million units in 2012. Sony was planning to develop three-dimensional screen in upcoming products.
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