RIM has not exactly been the darling of the technology company lately. The company continues to see its market share decline and its latest smart phones (like the BlackBerry Torch) hardware only sport that does not compete with the iPhone's 4 or current telephone devices with Android and Windows 7.But if you happened to tune into the annual meeting of shareholders of RIM, Balsillie Laziridis and safety of the train has not left its lane and that RIM is still a force to be reckoned with. To be fair, the company still has a strong following in the company - one reason the BlackBerry playbook has received more than a lukewarm reception so far.
Despite the new devices mentioned in the meeting, nothing was said about what Nerdberry reports: confirmation that RIM is working on an Apple TV-type device code-named the cyclone.The device offers Netflix and YouTube integration and access to media files on your network via Wi-Fi, HDMI port and a pump video and audio to the screen. It also believes that much like the BlackBerry Presenter (which you've probably never heard of).
I have two fears about the cyclone. First, it is a company that has failed to blow the audience away with an innovative product for quite some time. Already a number of devices that do not offer the functionality of this type, and even Apple TV has struggled to attract significant consumer interest.And now, as well as the status of the company CEOs RIM is facing challenges, which will go into space (the media) that has never been interested in - there was a time when Laziridis vehemently said he never would have a camera or MP3 player on a BlackBerry.
Second, RIM has admitted he has no idea about marketing at retail. The playbook Wi-Fi is the first company not carrying the device, but that's no excuse. If you are going to offer a device that will be compared to the iPhone, which has to be smart and sexy market.RIM could do that with the BlackBerry Cyclone? I doubt it.

source: http://www.geek.com/articles/gadgets/blackberry-cyclone-rumored-as-an-apple-tv-competitor-20110715/