Full HD 3D Glass Initiative is an Active Shutter 3D glasses technology first collaboration of four leading vendors of Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and Xpand 3D.
Xpand Universal X103 3D Glasses Compatible with Active 3D TV's, Black
The result, these glasses in the future will be a new standard of tech 3D glasses that will be implemented into the newest generation of 3D TVs from Panasonic, Samsung and Sony with the primary goal of making it easy for consumers to be 3D glasses that have been held can still be used if they want to replace their 3D TVs.
NEW XpanD 3D shutter glasses (Projectors)
A very good idea indeed be said to be a highly promising new innovation in the development of 3D technology to the fore. However, if I may hope only Full HD 3D technology in the future Glass Initiative will be a standardization of 3D technology in the 3D TV in the world and not limited to the 3D TV from Panasonic, Samsung or Sony only. We wait for further developments.