Acer expected to soon release a new laptop with a design that is thinner and lighter weight than similar products currently available. The apparition is called the Aspire 3951 has been leaked on the internet.
Product specifications are made ​​by Acer first appeared on a site of Vietnam, Sohoa. Laptop made ​​by Acer is mentioned using a screen measuring 13.3 inches by 13 mm thick, weighing 1.4 kilograms. The exact dimensions are owned by the MacBook Air.
Aspire 3951 is equipped with aluminum casing, the second generation of Intel Core processor, 160 GB SSD features an optional, and is supported by the bluetooth 4.0. This laptop also reinforced with used batteries that claimed to stand for 6 hours.
Aspire is a new generation of the family is said to boot up quickly as it could be MacBook Air, from the Sleep mode only needs 1.7 seconds. This laptop is expected to go on sale in October this year. It's cool gadget..