The AR.Drone remote-control quadricopter is a revolutionary device combining the unsurpassed of many worlds, plus modeling, film gaming, and augmented reality. The AR.Drone is remote-controlled by an iPhone and skin tone a come to of sensors, plus a front camera, vertical camera, and an ultrasound altimeter. The AR.Drone can plus be used in film games, such as AR.FlyingAce, a dogfight between two AR.Drones.

The First Quadricopter Controlled by iPhone/iPod touch/iPad
Control with Your Apple Device
Thanks to its on-board Wi-Fi scheme, you can control the Parrot AR.Drone using an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.
Parrot AR.Drone Quadricopter Controlled by iPhone/iPod touch/iPad (Orange/Blue)

The Parrot AR.Drone
The AR.Drone is the firstly quadricopter with the purpose of can be controlled by an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.
High-technology Sensors Offer Simple Piloting 
A mix of captors, wide-angle camera, high-speed camera and MEMS (micro electro mechanical systems), accelerometer, gyro sensors, and ultrasound sensor bloc with a powerful on-board supercomputer to promote to piloting the AR.Drone relaxed. Simply employment your iPhone or iPod touch a chord, and merely slant and touch a chord to control the AR.Drone.
Parrot AR.Drone Central Cross Piece
Connect and See
The Parrot AR.Drone generates its own Wi-Fi group to which you tie your iPod touch or iPhone to control. The front camera look at is streamed to your piloting device put on show.
Parrot AR.Drone Replacement Propellers
The AR.Drone autopilot allows relaxed impersonation and landing. After impersonation, autopilot stabilizes the AR.Drone next to an 80-centimeter altitude. When you remove your finger from the iPhone/iPod touch, the autopilot function robotically puts the AR.Drone into stationary voyage. Lost connection with the AR.Drone? Autopilot takes finished again and stabilizes the device ahead of attempting a soft and safe landing