Although soon have a Motorola, Google sure will not change the business model that has run the Android platform during the last two years. Google CEO Larry Page confirmed that Android will be retained as an open source platform.
"This acquisition will not alter our commitment to running Android as an open platform. Motorola will remain one of Android and the Android licensing remain open," said Larry Page in an official statement on Google's site.
Larry Page also confirmed that the Motorola will run as separate businesses. Google would continue partnerships with other hardware manufacturers. In fact, Google promised, as an integral part of Motorola's entry will enhance the user experience better in the future.
Larry Page to convince partners that Android users that do Google's acquisition will provide great benefits for the ecosystem. Because, not only enhance technological innovation, mastery of Motorola's patents by Google will also enhance the competitiveness of the Android platform competitors, like Apple with the IOS and Nokia and Microsoft with Windows Phone.
"We expect this combination allows us to make new breakthroughs in the Android ecosystem. However, our vision of Google's Android has not changed and the firm is fully committed to make Android as an open source platform and a powerful open source community. We will continue to cooperate with all partners to develop and distribute innovative gadgets based on Android" said Andy Rubin, Senior Vice President of Mobile on Google.
One of Google's main motivation to take over Motorola is strengthening its patent portfolio to compete with Microsoft and Apple. This is to strengthen the competitiveness of Android in the future.