5 photos application for android

1. Vignette Demo 
Vignette Applications for android has a total of 84 effects and 56 frames that can be used to beautify the shots from your photo. latest version of Vignette has a manual focus feature by doing a slide with a finger directly on the screen
Developer: Neilandtheresa
File size: 151 KB

2. Retro Camera
Retro Camera Applications for android will make you like having an old camera. Have a view finder as analog cameras. There are 5 options and also 5 camera cool effects like Lomo, Holga, Polaroid, Diana and other effects. The latest version has a feature to share the photos directly to facebook and twitter
Developer: Urbian
File size: 6.9 MB

3. Snap Action 
Snap Action Applications for android capable of producing a picture with a frame consists of 4 or 9 like toy cam Action Sampler. supporting applications are able to take pictures perframe with intervals of 0.1 to 5 seconds, so the resulting image can not be predictable when retrieving a moving object. New version has a Blue Lomo effect. 
Developer: Oursky Ltd., 
File size: 729 KB 

4. Camera 360 Free 
Camera360 is application for android, developers to claim that this HDR effects are better than the iPhone. Another effect is Retro, Dreamlike, Art of Black and White. There is also an application frame. Not to miss is the application sharing to facebook and twitter 
Developer: PinGuo Inc., 
File size: 3.9 MB 

5. PicSay Photo Editor 
PicSay Photo Editor is Applications for android  used to give effect to the image that was so or to do the edit. Effects are used to beautify the image, such as adding text, contrast, color, streaks. 
Developer: Oursky Ltd.. 
File size: 729 KB