Praise to Steve Jobs had just announced his resignation as CEO of Apple does not just come from the fans. Chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt, who earlier resigned as CEO on Google also praised the expertise of Steve Jobs.
"Steve Jobs is the most successful CEOs in the United States in the last 25 years," said Eric Schmidt in a statement following the announcement about the resignation of Steve Jobs. "He was a unique personal touch which is a combination of art and the vision of engineers to build an outstanding company. One of the best people in the history of American leadership," he added.
Schmidt did not elaborate on why Steve Jobs called the best in the last quarter century. However, it sounds sincere confession because Schmidt was one person who critically commented on Apple, especially when sitting became CEO of Google. Schmidt was previously called the strategy Apple is not going as good as Google because it runs a closed platform is not open source. Apple and Google's direct competition in the smartphone business and mobile computing began in 2009, Eric Schmidt even force quit the board of directors of Apple.
Throughout his career, Apple under Steve Jobs has succeeded in creating innovative products that the market dictates. In fact, not a few consumers who are fanatical about Apple products, which not only excels in performance and function, but also charming design.
Some people even refer to Apple as a kind of "sectarian" as some fans are willing to sacrifice anything to get an Apple product. In fact, some products revolutionized the market so that ultimately changed the map of the industry followed by other players. For example the iPod is changing music industry with iTunes, which pioneered the trend or iPad tablet computer.
"Steve Jobs is a genius businessman in our generation. Its contribution to Apple, its contribution to technology, including even its contribution to America, unsurpassed in the world. He was really great," said Meg Whitman, former CEO of eBay.
Rival in the PC industry, Bill Gates, who had left Microsoft since 2008, previously also mentioned Steve Jobs as the most inspiring people in the technology industry. President Barack Obama even praised him as an example of the American dream.