HP has just announced that they will discontinue development of WebOS devices, including tablet gadget touchpad has just been released and all future phones webOS.
This news is quite surprising considering HP just released its first tablet-based WebOS, TouchPad, to the market six weeks ago. Moreover TouchPad mention as a tablet which is a strong competitor of iPad in the line of tablet PCs.
The announcement came as part of the notice that HP is buying a software company called Autonomous and its PC division. All that remains now is the IOS, Android and Windows Phone 7. And we also all know that now the Blackberry OS has been switched to the QNX.
Several stores in the United States has succeeded in selling the TouchPad but it does not provide a significant advantage for HP and therefore HP will leave the WebOS.
HP to buy enterprise software from Palm webOS in April 2010, with the acquisition reached USD1, 2 billion. The fund is making one of the largest purchases made ​​by HP. When the burst of optimism, let alone the HP is the world's number one PC vendor.