Vea Sportive, Jogging Buddies Sophisticated Watches
Vea Digital is one of the developers of the modern gadget of watches. French gadgets company has just announced the presence of a wristwatch embedded a variety of technological sophistication that is named Vea Sportive. 
Vea Sportive combines a variety of cool gadgets equipment into it. Aside from being a timepiece, this watch can use to make phone calls, listen to music from MP3, and also took photos. But not specified in detail what kind of camera embedded in these watches. Vea Sportive also equipped with Bluetooth and a memory capacity of 8 GB to store your favorite songs. that's cool gadget..
Other sophistication of this cool gadget is the GPS technology embedded in it. If anything happens while jogging, you can press the SOS button that will instantly send your location data to emergency phone numbers via satellite. This of course will make yourself more comfortable in case something unexpected.
Vea Sportive scheduled to be released on July 14, 2011. The plan of this watch will be marketed globally with a price of 499 Euros (USD 722). But manufacturers of these watches did not elaborate in detail on which countries it watches gadget with sophisticated technology to be released.