iPhone SLR Mount , an accessories gadget that will be very useful for those who want to explore more in the camera feature on the iPhone. This device allows you to take a photo using an SLR camera lens. iPhone SLR Mount consists of a case made ​​of aluminum material and a lens adapter. How to use relatively short, you only need to pair the lens adapter lens lens adapter and then to pair with your lens that is mounted to the case through a cradle that has been provided.
There are some risks that must be faced in using the iPhone SLR Mount. For example in terms of focus, you have to use manual focus lenses and have to really pay attention to the focal point on your iPhone in order to get sharp images and no blur due to the wrong focus. And secondly, for users such as for example the zoom lens Canon EF 70-200 L of course you should always carry a tripod and a monopod to help take photos for the results obtained do not blur the photo.
iPhone SLR Mount available for iPhone 4 and iPhone 3G, while the mount is provided only to users of Canon and Nikon lenses, an accessories gadget that will be very useful.