Application called Camera Pro+ is claimed to make a simple camera that produces images as good as DSLR cameras. KenigArt as an application developer and gaming company has released an application called Camera Pro+ that can be used for the iPhone 4 and iPad 2.
Camera Pro+ works using a special photo with mathematical algorithms to improve the image. Screenshot on the App Store shows the application interface it looks like the background of the Canon DSLR cameras.
Within this application there are 10 digital effects (different blur, high dynamic range (HDR), sharpen filters, noise, emboss effects, etc.) that can improve the image on your Apple device. There are also 10 tips and hints from a professional photographer complete with samples of the photos.
Photographs taken using Camera Pro+ applications can be stored in a folder along with other standard images. To run this application required a minimum of 4.0 IOS operating system on your iPhone 4 or iPad 2.

Features Camera Pro+ Applications:
  • Simple and easy HD interface is fully optimized for iPhone 4 & iPad 2
  • Special photo improving math algorithms
  • 10 digital photo effects to improve your photos in app (different blur, hdr, sharpen filters, noise, emboss effects and more!)
  • 10 photo tips & hints from PRO photographers with “how to” photo samples
  • Make improved photos directly from app or load it from Photo Library/Album
  • Save improved photos to iPhone 4 & iPad 2