This is one difference between the iPhone with other gadget. When other smartphones can only be used for activities that are related to technology, the iPhone can be used for other activities that are not even related to technology. Impressed even ridiculous.
This time, a design firm West | 280 offer iphone case. Not just any case of course. This casing can be used also as a bottle opener and it calls iOpener. This bottle opener casing can also be integrated with a free iPhone application called BevConX. When you open a bottle, the power you need to open will be recorded using the accelerometer, then BevConX application will open along with the opening of your bottle. The application will ask you what kind beverage you open it. Of course, after that you can share the activity of opening the bottle with your colleagues on facebook, twitter or other social media.
Until now, iOpener is still available for the iPhone 3G/3GS. Not yet available for the iPhone 4. it's a cool gadget
West280 iOpener - iPhone Case + Bottle Opener (3G / 3GS Only) Free Shipping  West280 iOpener - iPhone Case + Bottle Opener (3G / 3GS Only) Free Shipping