HP TouchPad tablet
HP TouchPad Wi-Fi 32 GB 9.7-inch Tablet Computer
HP TouchPad tablet has a 4:3 screen, it's makes a better screen pro bring about, very than the 16:9 variant preferred in the Android ecosystem, which is ideal pro gazing by widescreen trailers of the Transformers show. There is a front-facing camera and an oval "home" button; the home button serves the same function as on the other tablet gadget or iPad, waking up the screen or persistent you to the "home" page. HP TouchPad uses a wireless charger, an elegant solution to the problem of how you keep the business charged up. The charger – a solid easel with the intention of the tablet sits in – can tall tale down or be raised, in which justification the HP TouchPad tablet will function as a timer while sleeping/charging. Press on one of the icons, and you'll make a extra leaf get behind up from the underside of the screen which initiates with the intention of element. Alternatively, smack from the underside and you'll think it over your running apps, arranged feature by feature in a flat tire carousel with the intention of you can smack through and point out. These app windows are called "cards". The HP TouchPad browser was snappy and faithful in rendering. The email app itself looks very like the iPad and Honeycomb ones, but with the added superfluous with the intention of you can influence columns to the feature to move them made known of the way to focus on an email. 
Pre-installed apps: The TouchPad comes with 
• Bing Maps (which can bring about made known your location apparently via Wi-Fi; it did mine lacking one input apart from allowing location services)
• Contacts app (synchronises with your cloud contacts services)
• QuickOffice, which will synchronise with Google Docs. One substantial conundrum at this time: It renders Google Docs text as black on a black background. For shared Google Docs spreadsheets, it can be quite laggy.
• Music (only stuff you be inflicted with on the apparatus - nothing from the cloud)
• YouTube
• Facebook
• Photos and record (which can be pulled from the cloud)
• Memos (for fleeting text notes)
• "Phone" (for Skype and webOS phones, if you be inflicted with lone of the latter).
The arrival of the HP TouchPad splits the tablet world: there are now the real contenders, and the many also-rans. I'd say that the TouchPad and the iPad are now the contenders. The iPad has "consumer" crossover power; most consumers won't go for what the TouchPad does. But it has tremendous potential as an cool gadget