Asus O! Play HD2 now comes with improvements that make it a player that is more ready. The design is made ​​with a curved holder plus the elongated LED indicator lights make it look more interesting when aligned with your LCD TV.
In addition to providing a fairly complete output connectors (RCA, USB, HDMI,and LAN), O! Play HD2 is also preparing a series of card reader on the front. The goal is that you can directly access data from a memory card for your gadget (CF / SD / MS). A port eSATA / USB combo also be interesting bonus is quite rare in the type of player.
Asus OPLAY_HD2/1A/NTSC/AS Digital Device - Black
Interestingly, Asus O! Play HD2 was also readily available USB 3.0 port for connection to PC (link). This connection will be very helpful when you move the large size of multimedia files that are often still a problem on a USB 2.0 connection. Ability as a NAS that supports server functionality to iTunes, Samba, FTP, and thetorrent is quite fun, especially if you frequently store data or downloading files via the Internet. Player is also able to accept the hard drive SATA 3.5" with a capacity of 2 TB
Asus O! Play HD2 have an attractive design; player function plus storage; many formats supported audio/video and full-HD resolution; USB 3.0 port; control via the iPhone; firmware can be upgraded.