PhoneitiPad applications that take advantage of the iPad 3G connection to the cellular network and allows users to make calls and receive calls as well as on the phone. In addition to this application, users can also send and receive SMS text messages with iPad 3G. 
PhoneitiPad application is not officially available in the App Store but is sold through Cydia app store with the price $ 19.99. Therefore to use this application, iPad 3G owners have to jailbreak their tablet gadget and install Cydia application repository in the system on the iPad 3G.

The following steps should be taken to install the PhoneitiPad Application in iPad 3G:
1. Find the serial number of tablet gadget that can be found from the: System> General>About. Record the number as this will be used as a unique identity in PhoneItiPad.
2. Buy this application by visiting (can be via computer). Enter serial number when prompted.
3. Launch Cydia from your tablet gadget and add the repository Find: PhoneItiPad then install.
4. If step 3 has been done then the application will immediately be ready to work and can be used to call and send sms.