In addition to news of iPhone 5 gadget presence is becoming more widely, the last rumors about the planned release of iPad 3 also arise. The images are circulating on the internet showed the occurrence of iPad 3 with a more attractive. 
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Although images of the circulation truth remains uncertain and can be different from an iPad 3 after it was officially launched at the end. However, rumors about the possibility of iPad 3 display is similar to screen with iPhone 5 released provoke enough curiosity. 
If the rumors about the iPhone 5 is true, then the display will be used is a touch screen without the presence of physical keys at all, including a physical home button.The next question is quite intriguing is the screen such as what to use, whether to use three-dimensional display complete with a 3D application in it, or will use AMOLED screen. AMOLED screen it self has been supplied by Samsung, while the relationship between the Samsung with Apple is currently deteriorating.
However, if the picture is outstanding right whoever you are even the haters Apple product will even amazed with the concept of the iPad 3 tablet. Super-thin body, 3D AMOLED display, quad-core processor A6, really awesome. What a cool gadget..