Samsung Series 9 TA950 3D LED HDTV Monitor look beautiful with a quite different design with LCD monitors in general. The designs are unique and interesting will make your computer look different. Using LED technology, Samsung's Series 9 TA950 3D comes in sizes 27 inches to the level of Full HD 1080p picture resolution that is supported by 3D technology HyperReal Engine.
HyperReal Engine 3D technology allows you to optimize the visual appearance of 3D. At a resolution of Full HD, Samsung Series 9 TA950 3D LED HDTV Monitor can display 3D visuals with 120Hz refresh rate and response time of 3ms. The result, you'll get a better 3D visuals in terms of contrast, color level, sharpness, and the movement is more smooth compared to other 3D monitors.
In the case of connectivity, Samsung Series 9 TA950 3D LED HDTV Monitor is supported with two HDMI ports, HDTV tuner and USB. You will also get other features such as features picture-in-picture which can be used through a coaxial input, integrated speakers and support measuring 7 Watt Smart Hub features as on the Samsung Smart TV.