Nokia Lumia which has been carrying operating system Windows Phone waswarmly discussed. This relates to the diverse abilities presented, as one of which is the ability to interact directly with the Xbox 360 that you have from Nokia Lumia using Xbox Companion application. In the Nokia Conversations site, Krissy from Microsoft shows how easy it is Nokia Lumia interact with the XBox 360.
In a demo performed by Krissy, demonstrated game Kinectimals which is a family game by creating a virtual pet. Demo using  Nokia Lumia 710 (the same process applies to Nokia Lumia 800) shows visitors how to create a virtual animal as well as personalization. Of the many choices of animals, Krissy choose cheetah, then bought some stuff from the store in the game. After personalization by adding accessories, cheetahs are ready to play. You can play with your animals directly from your Nokia Lumia itself, or can also transfer these virtual pets to the TV screen via Xbox 360. When the transfer process, on-screen Nokia Lumia barcode codewill appear. Pop this code in front of the Xbox 360 Kinect and register your virtualpet, then voila! virtual animal will appear on the TV screen at glance.

Nokia Lumia really like bring fresh air for gamers. But for you who is not a gamer, Nokia Lumia also offers an interesting experience to watch movies and listen to music with the picture quality and better sound. XBox Companion application will be available in coming months as the sales of Nokia Lumia into the market, consider the following video to see the demo application.