Here comes Best Social media Apps for iPad, can help you in everyday activities with your ipad

Twitter was so pleased with the design of its iPad app, it influenced the company's relaunch of its main website. For good reason too: Twitter on iPad is quick and slick to use, and maybe even the best device for tweeting.

Skype on iPad retains the features that have made the internet-calling service so popular on computers, including voice calls and instant messaging. It's the full-screen video calls that make the iPad version an essential, though.

Flipboard wants to be your personalised, digital magazine, and does a great job of serving up articles that your Facebook and Twitter contacts have been linking to, as well as stories from your favourite websites.

iPad is good for tweeting and updating your Facebook status, but it supports longer-form social media too, including WordPress blogs. The official app is an elegant way to blog without a physical keyboard in sight.