The iPad 3 is thinner and lighter, but it could also be more expensive. Apple has tied two suppliers to deliver the third generation tablet with slim batteries. AppleInsider claims Simply Technology and Dynapack International Technology have tapped as the device's battery makers. Both manufacturers are already make batteries for the iPad and MacBook. Batteries are lighter, cheaper and last longer, but they are expensive at 20 to 30 percent.
The report claims that the two companies to begin making these batteries in the fourth quarter of 2011, which would by Apple on track to publish on the iPad 3 towards the beginning of 2012. The projected start date is probably not far off, considering it at the time, Apple has unveiled the past two iPads, rumored last month, Apple already has to iPad in the "trial production" phase of the iPad 3.
iPad 3 rumor ring last month, reported that the next iPad would start in spring 2012, with a retinal display. The production on the iPad will begin in October and that Apple has ordered 1.5 million of the tablet, threw The Wall Street Journal. Previously it had been predicted that Apple iPad 3 release this fall, but a separate report last month said those plans had derailed due to problems with alleged retinal display device.