Best Kids Apps for iPad, can help your kid in everyday activities

A beautifully designed iPad book-app that will keep both children and adults spellbound. Lush graphics and sound are complemented by interactivity that always drives the story along, rather than feeling like a novelty.

This iPad apps interactive fairy tale will sit neatly alongside Cinderella on the homescreen of many parents, with similarly high production values. It's part book and part mini-game collection, and captivating with it.

This iPad book-app started life as a short animated film, elements of which have made it into the app. However, this story is about storytelling itself, is aimed at children, and includes mini-games and playful interactivity.

It sounds simple: an iPad app for kids where they build a robot then fly it through colourful levels, collecting stars. Yet it's a real work of craft, and one that will delight your children for weeks and possibly months.