Lamborghini is an Automotive company known for its luxury cars, again presents the newest design luxury mobile phone. In the anniversary celebration of fashion products, Lamborghini released the phone Spyder Supreme Diamond.
This special Cell phone only made about 300 units. This Cell phone are a luxury-quality stainless steel Italian designed and made in Switzerland. Vertically phone body is made sharp. Not only that, this phone casing studded with 7.8 carats which diamonds arranged tidy in front and rear.
Monogram lamborgini is a prominent feature with a yellow gold color. Battery cover printed from crocodile leather. Front casing is made of sapphire crystal, which protects it from scratches and protect it from dust, so durability is unquestioned.
From the specification, Spyder Supreme Diamond supports G 2.75 technology, working in the dual band network on the GSM 900 and 1800MHz. Supported by 4GB of memory, 3 megapixel camera with auto focus, on the mobile phone sailed 2 inch 240x320 pixels have signal SOS button for emergencies.
Spyder Supreme Diamond S650 itself is the cheapest model. It was decorated with 2.5 carat diamonds and wrapped in black leather. The version of Spyder Supreme Diamond S660 adorned with a 5.9 carat diamonds and the back cover with crocodile leather.