The mysterious images have been found by a member of the CrackBerry forums on Flickr that displays one image BlackBerry smartphone that have not been announced by RIM and obtained information that the gadget is BlackBerry Shadow.
BlackBerry Shadow is a smartphone from RIM with the new operating system namely QNX 1.0. Pictures from the BlackBerry Shadow is known uploaded by Flickr user with the alias name nomnomnom8 on September 18. It also obtained information about some of the key specifications of the BlackBerry Shadow are:
* Dual-core processor 1.5 GHz
* 1 GB RAM
* OS "BlackBerry QNX 1.0"
* BBM for QNX 1.0
* Android Player for QNX
* 4.2-inch widescreen display with BriskPixel
* Screen resolution 1280 x 720 pixels
* 8.0 MP camera with LED flash
* Front camera 1.3 MP
* 1080p 30fps HD video recorder with sound
If you look at the specifications there then this cellphone gadget can be one tough competitor from Samsung Galaxy S II and Apple iPhone 5 if it later released. No confirmation whether the leaked images is true or just hoax.