Luckily the application developers who attended the BUILD conference Microsoft held in Anaheim, California, USA. Approximately 5000 participants will get home with a tablet gadget uses Samsung's latest OS Windows 8 for free.
The gadget, named Samsung Prototype PC with Windows Developer Preview PC was a limited edition and will not be sold to the public commercially. Special distribution for developers to try out Microsoft's new OS and applications that will be developed to test third party.
The tablet which was distributed using a touch screen equipped with a stylus pen. The screen size of 11.6 inches with a maximum resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. Intel processors are used with the i5 Core SSD 64 GB storage media,and 4 GB of DDR3 memory. It weighs about 1 kg.
It is designed to be used as a tablet, which only rely on the touch screen navigation as well as a PC or notebook. In the package included an additional keyboard can be connected via Bluetooth. There is also a port to support dual display via an HDMI port.
Not only get free tablets, each BUILD participant can also free internet subscription for a year through AT & T 3G network in the United States. In addition to access via 3G, there is also a WiFi connection.