Amazon finally were really released its first tablet device called Kindle Fire. Tablet with a 7-inch screen will be priced at 199 U.S. dollars only.
Kindle Fire using the latest version of the Android operating system that has been modified and equipped with dual core processors. In addition to standard applications are supported through the Android Market, Amazon uses the tablet to display its flagship services. Not just an online bookstore service which will be an attraction such gadgets, but also other Amazon services.
Amazon Prime for watching movies online subscription costs 79 U.S. dollars per year.  Through Kindle Fire, listening to music can also be done easily by accessing the Amazon store. Amazon already took Fox to provide content to the front and middle of exploring cooperation with Netflix and Pandora.
This gadget is not equipped with a camera. The first models will be sold also only supports access via WiFi wireless connections. Kindle Fire will be available to consumers beginning November 15.
In addition to  Kindle Fire, Amazon is also using the momentum this time to launch three new Kindle models. Each using black and white screen from E-ink as previously Kindle.
First, the Kindle Touch 3G which uses a touch screen with infrared sensors and can access 3G sold 149 dollars. Second, a similar model but without 3G access is sold for 99 U.S. dollars. And lastly, the Kindle version economical with non-touch screen and without 3G is sold only 79 U.S. dollars.