Instead of October 15 or October 21 as rumored over the years, but Apple's latest smartphone is tentatively called the iPhone 5 will be launched on October 4, 2011. Similarly, a recent report quoted by leading technology blog AllThingsD.According to credible sources, a blog affiliated with Dow Jones's claim that the iPhone 5 will be sold in a few weeks later. Apple could have changed the schedule at any time, but for the Apple CEO Tim Cook plans to appear in public on that date.
This launch will be the first debut Cook (50) on the stage as Apple CEO Steve Jobs that replaces resigned on 24 August. Jobs is known as the brains behind Apple's innovative products from Mac, iPod, iPhone and iPad.
Until now as ever, Apple is being closed as what smartphone to be launched. However, rumors, Apple touted prepared two versions of the iPhone at once. Each new version with a wider screen and better camera, called the iPhone 5 and economical version of the so-called iPhone 4S.