HEX Icon watchband is lone of the slickest watch solutions yet pro your 6th-generation iPod nano. Using unadorned pop-in, pop-out functionality, polycarbonate construction, and integrated control buttons, the Icon watch belt is really eye-catching. Plus modifiable associations and a pressure-release stainless steel closure ensure most comfort and stretch of aid.
HEX Icon watchband is a little goofy looking (not quite the classiest business to wear to a feast party), but pro working made known or solely using your nano it seems like it would bring about splendid. We've seen approximately DIY versions of this previous to, but the Hex Icon seems like a relatively low-cost and durable way to curve lone of the littlest iPods into a working watch. You can order the belt currently, and of way the nano is unfilled currently (at a extra decrease price) from the usual seats.
HEX Icon watchband colors available include black, white, purple, green and blue and the Hex Icon Watch will be available for $39.95.