HP Pavilion G4 is a laptop that is intended for young, energetic and need a laptop with reliable performance. HP introduced the Snap-On, the front cover which is removable plug or replaced personalized. Dimensions of the HP Pavilion G4 feels right in the open or when closed. Similarly, the weight, not tiring when should carry for a long time and not tiring the back when it should be carried in the bag.
HP Pavilion G4 rely on an Intel Core i5-2410M (2.30 GHz, 3MB Cache) with Intel Chipset HM55 and 2 GB DDR3 RAM PC-10 600, including adequate performance. Sandy Bridge platform proved to have good balance in terms of processing performance and power efficiency. HP Pavilion G4 proved able to perform all tasks well, except for 3D games which are demanding a separate graphics chip for maximum performance.
G4 has been equipped with OS Windows 7 Home Basic 64 bit Original. That means you can download Microsoft Security Essentials for free because the software security can only be downloaded by a computer with Microsoft Windows operating system genuine.
HP Pavilion G4 also features the HP Games which provides a lot of software ready to download free game - of course after you pay a few dollars. HP Games will use the internet connection, and similar to Market Apps on the mobile OS. There is also a trial version for you to try