Panasonic SC-HC35 comes with a sleek body look with modern and minimalist design. You could put it anywhere, placed on a table or hung on the wall because it provided a cradle that serves to place it on the wall.

With only 69mm thickness design and concept offered is deserving of praise. Because even if the gadget is compatible with iPod or iPhone, you will not find on the upper docking iPod like audio devices in general. Retaining Panasonic SC-HC35 look beautiful by hiding behind an iPod docking location of the cover that carries the concept of sliding door on the front. the front is also decorated by a small LCD screen that can be used to indicate menu choices, and two speakers on the left and right.
The top of Panasonic SC-HC35 there are variety of navigation buttons, such as the power button, button open / close for iPods, iPod, CD button, radio button, stop button, play / pause, forward button, rewind button, volume buttons and an open close button for CD.