Garmin nüvi 1490LMT 5-Inch Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator with Lifetime Map & Traffic UpdatesNo more guessing which lane you need to be in to knock together an imminent turn. Narrow road assist with junction watch guides you to the correct lane instead of an approaching curve or exit, making unfamiliar intersections and exits unproblematic to navigate. It convincingly displays road cryptogram and junctions on your route along with arrows with the purpose of indicate the proper lane instead of navigation. Narrow road assist with junction watch is open in choose metropolitan cities.
The large screen nüvi 1490LMT comes with free Lifetime Maps and Traffic and offers multiple-point routing and Lane Assist with junction view to help you manage busy highway interchanges. It announces streets by name, has hands-free calling compatibility and pedestrian navigation options. The ecoRoute feature calculates a more fuel-efficient route.

Navigate City Transit
With its enhanced pedestrian navigation capabilities, nüvi 1490LMT is the just right travel companion instead of getting around town. Download not obligatory cityXplorer content to help you navigate city open transit. Know somewhere to tread, somewhere to catch the van, subway, tram or other transport and how long it will take to grasp in attendance. CityXplorer maps are open instead of choose cities all over North America and Europe. And with prices as low as $9.99, you'll gain money not here greater than to splurge in the important city.