Questions surrounding wasteful batteries from the iPhone 4S is fulfilled. A study conducted Arieso found that the data of iPhone 4S three times more than the previous iPhone.
It may be because sending more data, the iPhone 4S battery to be extravagant. Research results from Arieso as quoted by Reuter stated that the use of data on the latest generation iPhone was increased. iPhone 4, for example, consumption data 1.6 times larger than the iPhone 3G.
Greater consumption data found in iPad 2 compared with the iPhone 3G. However, consumption data iPad 2 lower than the iPhone 4S. Because consumption data iPad 2 is only 2.5 times than iPhone 3G.
Siri reasonably suspected to be the cause of waste. From the survey revealed, Siri is requiring a lot of data. Siri is a new feature Apple's latest embedded in iPhone 4S.