Sometimes we wish that the photo collections are much more interesting and not tedious. With a little give effect beautiful color and a touch of modifications actually enough to make the image appear more interesting. It's not a problem for those of you who own a PC gadget, then how to make person who do not have a that gadget? This time I wanted to share an application gadget that is interesting enough to be used for editing photos without using a PC, simply use the existing java mobile phone in your hand is enough to be able to do this.
Photoshop Mobile, Java-based applications such as Image Morpher that can be usedto edit photos as we using Adobe Photoshop on a PC. In terms of features is quite complete, visual effects that are presented can be said to be better than other mobile photo editor application. However, because these mobile applications certainly can not be equated with adobe photoshop on a PC. Although this application is javabased, it does not mean that it can be used for java phones, Symbian gadget phones can execute this application, and can operate well as in mobile java. You are interested to try it? Please download the application below.
Download here